Confessions of a Baby Carrier Addict


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Confessions of a Baby Carrier Addict

Baby Carrier Addict

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Hi, my name is Lindsey, and my husband tells me that I have a serious problem.  You see, every time we have another baby I battle with this incessant need to buy a new baby carrier … or two.  It is never because the last one I owned was poorly built or just did not suit my needs.  I just LOVE baby carriers!

I have tried at least one of each style: ring slings, pouches, backpacks, and wraps.  They each have their own unique features.  Some I love and some I don’t; but I keep them all around and usually use every single one at least once with each child. 


Ring Sling


I love my baby carriers simply because they are so practical.  There are a lot of “crunchy” moms out there that do it for specific reasons such as bonding with their baby or increasing their milk supply.  I use a baby carrier because it helps me to get dinner on the table without a screaming baby lying in the next room.  I wear my baby when we are running errands because I have four children five and under and only two can fit in the stroller or cart.  I wear my baby because I do love to look at that cute little face right under my chin and smell that sweet baby scent.

I have read a few scientific type articles concerning the correct way to wear your baby so they will grow correctly.  The experts say not to wear them facing front.  As you can see I wore mine facing front.  They liked it and they turned out just fine.  Whenever I turned them around they fought it because they wanted to get in on the action around them.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do – what works for you and your baby safely – and leave the experts out of it.


Pouch Sling


The last baby carrier I bought was an Ergo with my third child.  My husband looked me straight in the eyes and told me that was my last one.  When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my fourth he reminded me that baby carriers were off the table.  I agreed, it was just going to look stingy if I owned more than 5!  As I was walking through a local baby store I noticed in their clearance section they had a backpack made specifically for the Ergo that attached to it.  I couldn’t help myself as it was half off.  I called my husband who half begrudgingly and half laughing gave me the okay. 

So I may not have gotten my staple baby carrier with out new little girl, but I did get the next best thing – a baby carrier accessory!


Moby Wrap


Why Do You Wear Your Baby?  CONFESSION TIME:  How Many Baby Carriers Do You Own?

This post contains affiliate links.  You are not obligated to purchase through these links but if you do you help to support my family.  Thank you!

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    I have a 4 months old baby. Initially I used to carry him normally. My friend suggested me the slings. Now My baby feels comfortable and remains silent for a longer time.

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