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Real Food Real Easy

Real Food, Real Easy

Time Management in the Kitchen Time management  is my nemesis. Making everything from scratch can be time consuming, and if you are not a plan-ahead type person you will find yourself scrambling to just get something on the table. I think one of the worst hurdles for me to overcome with eating healthier is that it […]

DIY Oil Pulling Melts

DIY Oil Pulling Melts for a Cleaner Mouth

Oil Pulling 101 I have been oil pulling on and off for several years now. I was having issues with a tooth that has a crown on it and after going to the dentist to be reassured that nothing was wrong, I decided to do my own research on how to help with tooth pain. […]

How to Create a Method for the Madness that is Homemaking

How to Create a Method for the Madness that is Homemaking

Unrealistic Expectations I was one of those women that always knew that when I had kids, I would be a stay-at-home mom.  I definitely had an idealized version in my mind of what me being a homemaker would look like. I was sure that I would keep a tidy house, never yell at the kids, […]

REAL FOOD Sausage Cheese Balls

The REAL Food Version of Sausage and Cheese Balls

Sausage and Cheese balls is a Southern favorite when it comes to brunches.  They were always the spotlight at our church potlucks.  Often when you search for these classic recipes online, you find a lot of processed ingredients and some like a more savory alternative to that. Here is the Real Food version of one […]

Lemon Chicken Bake Recipe Gluten, Dairy, Sugar FREE

Lemon Chicken Bake {Gluten, Dairy, Sugar FREE}

I love chicken. It is so easy to use in various ways for our large family of 7, and the kids eat it up.   We will make a whole chicken once a week.  We spread the chicken out through at least 2 meals and then I make bone broth to use for soups. Read […]

4 Prayers for the Hyper-Aggressive Child with FREE Printable Prayer Guide

4 Prayers for the Hyper-Aggressive Child and FREE PRINTABLE!

For more resources on parenting check out The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! With books like The Busy Mom’s Guide to Character and On the Road to Joyful Motherhood, this library is stocked full of wisdom from moms just like you!  DON’T MISS IT! An Embarrassing Parenting Moment It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, where […]

Healing and Hiding Diastasis Recti after baby

Healing and Hiding Diastisis Recti After Baby

Do you have a mummy tummy and just have no idea what to do with it? It was not until my fourth baby that I realized I had developed a very warped abdomen after giving birth.  It wasn’t that I was just out of shape or had a jelly belly.  My stomach felt oddly lumpy and […]

FREE Custom Image w Purchase

How to Get a FREE Custom Graphic Design of Your Choice!

My Gift to You Are you wanting a personalized gift for dad for Father’s Day?  Something unique for a graduate?  Is there a baby being born or a special child you want to make feel special?  Is there something that you just want for around the house, like your favorite Bible Verse?  I want to […]

100 Proven, Simple and Effective Tools to Help You Manage Your Home

100 Proven, Simple and Effective Tools to Help You Manage Your Home

I stepped into homemaking with high ideals.  I thought I would figure it out quickly and that it would all be a fun learning process.  Well I got the whole “learning process” right! It has been a learning process for sure, and I still have not mastered any of it.  I struggle to keep a […]


HUGE Homeschool Giveaway (Value $549)

Do you know what I love about homeschooling?  I love that it is FLEXIBLE! I love that at any moment you can change things up and have a day where you stray from your regular “curriculum” and do a board game … are you struggling in math?  You can try a different math program that […]

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