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5 Ways a Friend Can Support a Grieving Mother

5 Ways a Friend Can Support a Grieving Mother

I lost my daughter almost 7 years ago. I was 18 weeks pregnant and it all happened so fast, that I was left completely empty and with my husband’s job, I felt alone a lot of the time, too. Over the years, it seems that about once a month or so, I get an email, […]

FREE in JULY Get the Homemaker's Companion Financial Planning Edition and Get Organized, Pay Off Debt, and Save Money!

FREE in July Homemaker’s Companion Financial Planning Edition

Have you heard of The Homemaker’s Companion? It is a full planning system for the home …. you could call it a homemaking notebook on steroids. I am offering our Financial Planning Edition for FREE during the month of July to all my new and veteran subscribers. This was one of our most popular installments […]

10 Tips for you on How our Family of 7 Eats out For Less than $30!

How We Eat Out for Less than $30 for a Family of 7

Do you like to eat out? I REALLY do! We just don’t do it very often because it is not nearly as healthy as cooking at home, and it is definitely NOT a frugal option for feeding a large family. Why do I like it so much then? Because in some ways eating out makes […]

To the Woman Who Is Waiting on God

To the Woman Waiting on God

To the woman who is waiting on God, There you are, in the waiting room of life; a place you’d never thought you’d be.  As a child with grand hopes and dreams, you never imagined yourself here, waiting on God and longing for Him to move. You never imagined you’d be lonely for a husband.  You […]

Everybody Judges Somebody: A Look at Cultural Trends through a Biblical Lens

Everybody Judges Somebody

FREE to Be ME! Have you noticed a trend in society that is building? Its banner is “Do whatever, be whatever, and love whoever makes you happy!” If anyone disagrees or has a classical moral compass they are immediately labeled “judgmental”, “ignorant”, even a “bigot.” Let’s get this straight right out of the gate … […]

5 Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Surfing Facebook

5 Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Surfing Facebook

The Social Media Black Hole Does your time seem to find a black hole during the day? The black hole that seems to eat up many a mom’s schedule is social media. I found myself confessing to a few friends the other day just exactly how far social media invades my thoughts. It was embarrassing but it […]

How to be content in a materialistic world

How to Be Content in a Materialistic World

Humble Beginnings I grew up in a family where money was always tight, and we had to visit the church food pantry more than a few times.  I remember my parents scraping together what they had to make food last for our four, hungry mouths.  New clothes came from yard sales and there were very […]

6 Tips for Saving Money on Your Homeschool Curriculum

6 Tips for Saving Money While Homeschooling

Homeschooling can get expensive if you allow it.  Certain curriculum sets will take your breath away at the price they set per grade level, per year. As your children get older there are costs that will inevitably creep up as your children near college age; however, I believe for the majority of the homeschooling years there are […]

Looking for reading material this summer to encourage, inspire, and challenge you as a mother?

8 Encouraging Summer Reads for Moms

An Embarrassing Confession I need to humbly admit that I have not read an entire book in probably a couple of years. With 4 moves and 2 new babies, life has just been busy and most days I feel like I am just getting by. I have many aspirations. I would love to exercise more […]

FREE Homeschool Mom's Lifeline Prayer Guide

NEW FREE Homeschool Mom’s Lifeline Prayer Guide!

Did you grab our FREE Homeschool Mom’s Lifeline Prayer Calendar before? Well here is a newly updated version.   We have heard raving reviews over this since Tauna at Proverbial Homemaker shared it with us a couple of years , and I have been blessed to hear of all the homeschool moms who use it […]

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